Computers have dominated our world and we can  deny this fact. From our homes to our business works all are being done on PCs equipped with specific applications. Our communication got much more profound after an introduction of applications which are targeted for phones. There are a large number of applications which are being used in phones which are capable of texting, calling, video calling, gaming, online purchasing, hotel booking, ticket booking applications, fitness applications and much more such applications which have made our lives easier and merrier.

These applications are also created for specific purposes such as do business purposes, designing and much more. 

The building of a new application requires so much of technical skills and this has created a whole new stream of people who want to become application generators.

BCA  is one such course which offers bachelor degree in computer applications and software. This is a three-year program and it helps you learn all the basics and techniques of designing computer applications and software. This is such a course which also helps you set your own application manufacturing company. 

There are a lot of universities which offer this course and you can take admissions in them either directly or by appearing for an entrance exam.