College Selection & Counselling

We carefully evaluate your current profile and provide a short list of universities based on our extensive experience and university database. We take into account student interests and country preferences.

Universities often ask different questions. Not only what student want to do with his/her life, but based on the stream, it often includes essays on things like learning, failures, and opinions on current issues. We can help you write a persuasive essay or letter that will impress the admissions committee.

The application form is long and cumbersome. The form also has a very high application fee. That’s why, at Oneklick, we hold your hand when you fill out forms to make sure you don’t make mistakes and meet deadlines.

If you study abroad, you can get to know a completely different and interesting world. However, it is a bit expensive compared to India. We advise on specific funding requirements, where to get funding, and how to present your funding so that it doesn’t get in the way of your dream education.

Once you have received your letter of acceptance from the university, visas are the final hurdle, and students often make repeated mistakes at this stage and lose out. Fortunately, our advisors also have experience in visa paperwork and applications. So they will be your single point of contact to make this step smooth.

Moving to a new county to study can be a stressful stage for students. An informal session to clear your doubts about traveling abroad. In addition, we provide tips for a carefree arrival and landing. A pre-departure support session helps students understand many things they need to know about their new country like:

  • Currency
  • Weather
  • Knowledge about the Country
  • Important Items to Pack
  • Pre-departure Checklist
  • Do’s & Dont’s

Before student lands in the new country, they will have their accommodation in place according to lifestyle and requirement. Student don’t need to hassle to find an accommodation in a new country

(Accommodation is provided based on lifestyle and requirement before student’s land in their new country. Students do not need to look for accommodation in their new country)