Business is something that no one hates, every single person here is looking to do business to help him grow, there is no scarcity of people who want to be entrepreneurs and who want to learn business. Business is so mainstream method of earning since the beginning of the world and we have been doing business since our birth in a lot of manners, a person who wants to learn business should have all the knowledge of how market works and how the money is getting circulated in the market. It is not very easy as it requires so much of intelligence to know what is going inside the world of business, for being successful businessmen you need to have that punk in yourself so that you can be a step ahead from the present scenario. 

Earlier business studies were limited to elites who wanted to make their children run their empire, but today is the time where even a middle- class person can opt for business studies and can contribute to the market and the global economy. 

MBA is such a course which makes you well qualified in the art of business and opens doors for your overall progress. This is a 2-year course and can be opted in any of the colleges after giving entrance exams. 

There are also foreign universities which offer two-year degree programs in MBA.

So, if you chose to become one of the next entrepreneurs you need to have technical knowledge about the business and this is only possible with, MBA/PGDM. 

There are colleges such as IIMs and IITs which can help you complete this course with total sincerity. There are numerous other colleges which take entrance exams for this course and you have to clear them to get admission.