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BHMS is the abbreviated term used for Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery which is an undergraduate course in the field of medical sciences. This area of learning is quite divergent from other medical management services. This is a medical profession which has adopted the doctrine of ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ which means ‘Like Cures Like’, a thesis proposed by Samuel Hahnemann, the originator of Homeopathy. The practitioners in this field are called Homeopaths. Even though Homeopathy is widespread in Europe, it is flourishing in India with the support of the government and CCH (Central Council of Homeopathy).

Those students who are engrossed about treating or curing patients with minimal usage of drugs can opt for a BHMS program at UG level. This health profession is an independent and lucrative one. There are several governments and private Homeopathy Colleges in Bangalore offering the course for 5 years and 6 Months duration which includes a compulsory one-year clinical internship from a recognized medical association. The BHMS course is hugely popular among the science students in India and Bangalore as well. To opt this course, students must have qualified in their state or central board exams or any parallel. The BHMS is a student-centric professional program.

BHMS Colleges in Bangalore

The BHMS colleges in Bangalore are affiliated with RGUHS (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences) and also approved by the Central Council of Homeopathy. The top colleges in Bangalore are equipped with adequate infrastructure and manpower to regulate the bachelor program in Homeopathy at their campus. The labs of the colleges are highly sophisticated where students can learn the homoeopathic medicinal practices. The list of colleges mentioned above includes government and private institutions as well. The colleges have a very experienced team of faculty members to manage and handle the BHMS course. The courses are reviewed each year by the professors to update the existing one as per the recent industry trends.

The medical industries keep their focus for any further development in the methodologies of treatment. The professional program for the bachelors in homoeopathy fulfils the contemporary requirement in the industry of the medical field. The course and its responsibilities have unfolded numerous opportunities for the students wishing to become a homeopath. The profession of homoeopathy is practiced throughout the country and the doctors are in huge demand. The homeopath professionals are eligible to operate and run their clinic after they get certain approvals from the authorizing body. Several of the college alumni have pursued a successful career in the field of Homeopath. The professionals in this field are getting a very lucrative salary package.


Why study BHMS courses in Bangalore?

The BHMS courses in Bangalore have manifested a commendable response to the admissions in BHMS Colleges. The students are provided with the world-class infrastructural facilities with quality education at the homeopathic colleges in Bangalore.

Bangalore typically appreciates a more moderate atmosphere consistently. Hence, students from any part of the country can adjust and adapt easily to the change from the home climate. The city is known as the “Garden City of India ” because of its greenery, broad streets and the presence of many public parks, such as Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park. Aside from having multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan character, Bangalore is additionally home to many chief instructive and exploration institutions.

  • The BHMS colleges in Bangalore are equipped with sufficient infrastructure to carry out this intensive curriculum.
  • The colleges have very sophisticated labs where students can learn the course efficiently.
  • The colleges in Bangalore are centered with some of the best faculty around India.
  • They have years of relevant and credible experience in the field of Homeopathy as lecturers or professionals.
  • Several of the faculty members are doctorates in the field.
  • The faculty at the colleges would review the courses each year to update the existing one as per the recent industry trends.

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