In Europe Ireland is one of the most popular destinations for international students. Beautifully located in the British Isles, Ireland also has a reputation as one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The country has a long and tumultuous history and centuries of tradition and culture. Over 30,000 students from all over the world come to Ireland to study each year, students are attracted by a variety of factors including cultural diversity, availability of scholarships and full- and part-time job opportunities. Apart from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, students have a number of postdoctoral research opportunities at Irish universities that have excellent research links with other universities around the world.

Why Ireland?

If you are thinking of doing a master’s or bachelor’s degree in Ireland, read below why so many international students choose to study in Ireland.

  1. Education Standards

One of the main reasons international students choose to study in Ireland is that it is an ideal location for those seeking a quality education. Especially first-class training in a future-oriented and dynamic country with exciting employment opportunities.

  1. Affordable Tuition Fees

The cost of living and education in Ireland is relatively low as most institutions are government funded. Tuition fees vary by degree and university, but are fairly cheap compared to other places. Apart from the low cost of education in Ireland, the normal cost of living is also reasonable.

  1. Lifestyle & Safety

Ireland is a very safe, comfortable and welcoming place to stay. Ireland ranks 12th in the world on the Global Peace Index and 22nd on the Global Happiness Index. According to the 2019 OECD Education Study, Irish youth has the fourth highest level of education in the world.

  1. Employment

Educational institutions in Ireland usually encourage students to work part-time to cover basic expenses. Courses are generally flexible and designed so that you can work while studying in Ireland at the same time. Create a part-time work schedule with flexible class times. Ireland offers students post study work visas that allow them to work in the country for an extended period of time.

Popular Courses in Ireland

           The Irish education system is expanding rapidly. From 2012-2013, the total number of international students increased by 5% yearly. English, History, Politics, Management, Engineering, Information Technology, Arts and Humanities, and other major courses are among the courses offered by Irish institutions. Ireland also offers English classes and short courses for interested students.


  • Accounting and Finance
  • Mass Communication & Media
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Engineering &Technical
  • Real Estate & Architecture


  • Tuition Fees

Ireland is a country that offers quality education at a lower cost than other countries. This is because the duration of the final course is usually 12 months, as compared to 16-24 month programs in other countries. The tuition fee you pay depends on the type of degree and institution you choose. €10,000-25,000 per year is required to cover the cost of study.


Humanity, education and art courses are often cheaper, while fields such as medicine, engineering, business, and management tend to be more expensive. Tuition fees are usually higher if you want to study at a higher level in Ireland.

  • Living Cost

Your cost of living depends largely on where you live in Ireland and how much you socialize. However, international students typically require €600-1000 per month. Prices vary greatly between Ireland’s capital and smaller cities, with Dublin being the most expensive place to live.

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