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Medical and Health Science is a vast subject in which everyday we have new things to explore. Medical professionals are just like god on earth who give second life to patients through treatment and research. The major courses in medical sector are :- MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, BUMS, MD,MS,MDS, B.Pharma, D.Pharma, M.Pharma, BPT, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Nursing(ANM,GNM,B.SC. Nursing, M.Sc. Nursing), DMLT, BMLT, X-Ray Technician, Pathologist etc.

Medical Admission Consultation

We can’t imagine the world without doctors and we can’t imagine the world without hospitals, but being a doctor is not as easy as it is about studying the anatomy of human body and applying all the knowledge to help the patient get cured.A doctor is someone who has to know what is going inside the body of a patient by just enquiring about him and this needs a lot of practice and knowledge. A doctor needs to inherit a large number of human values such as patience, determination etc .MBBS is one of the most popular courses among the students who have opted biology and being a doctor in India is a matter of pride. For this course you need to score well in your high school and also the entrance examination for this is one of the toughest in the world. A lot of private medical colleges also offer this 4.5 years course.There is also a recent trend of studying abroad and a ton of great universities are giving admissions to Indian students because of their hard work.. It is a subject of deep studies and is also something where you can become a master of human body and can serve humanity.

BHMS is the abbreviated term used for Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery which is an undergraduate course in the field of medical sciences. This area of learning is quite divergent from other medical management services. This is a medical profession which has adopted the doctrine of ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ which means ‘Like Cures Like’, a thesis proposed by Samuel Hahnemann, the originator of Homeopathy. The practitioners in this field are called Homeopaths. Even though Homeopathy is widespread in Europe, it is flourishing in India with the support of the government and CCH (Central Council of Homeopathy).

Those students who are engrossed about treating or curing patients with minimal usage of drugs can opt for a BHMS program at UG level. This health profession is an independent and lucrative one. There are several governments and private Homeopathy Colleges in Bangalore offering the course for 5 years and 6 Months duration which includes a compulsory one-year clinical internship from a recognized medical association. The BHMS course is hugely popular among the science students in India and Bangalore as well. To opt this course, students must have qualified in their state or central board exams or any parallel. The BHMS is a student-centric professional program.

Dental studies are an important part of a medical field. This has got popularity in late 18th century with increase in problems related with the oral cavity. It is an about diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of oral cavity. This stream produces a large number of jobs every year and you can also open your private clinic. Dental studies include the study of total structure and anatomy of the oral cavity. It is about maintaining the health of teeth. This is also a four-year course which needs immense determination and hard work. Usually, people have a perception that dental studies are relatively easier than other studies but it’s not true as it includes all the medical science and also requires all the skills to master the art of dentistry. It’s not only about just checking the patients for certain small teeth related issues but sometimes a dentist has to handle certain enhanced cases such as cancer of oral cavity. To handle all such conditions a dentist need to be very much sound of the studies he/she has done in the college.Dentistry requires 4 years of study with care full approach. There are colleges dedicated to only dentistry which takes entrance exams to check the passion of student towards this course and once you get admitted to them you are sure to get a job after you complete the course with good grades, at the end only the passion decides your career in every field.

The human body is the most complex machine in this world and it is also a subject of study since ages. People have been studying and applying numerous techniques to help improve the medical conditions. There are a lot of treatment therapies which have emerged and they are all in the same direction of helping humans live a healthy life. With the advancement of technology and time new methods and equipment are being developed to help diagnose the disease and cure them. Science has helped humans in battling most of the dreaded diseases. Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a course which helps students in knowing the anatomy of the body. Those who like to serve human body opt for this field as it gives immense knowledge of what is going inside humans. It is one of the most celebrated treatment practices and is getting popularity all over the world. It is a vast subject which includes a large number of subjects which help the student in knowing what goes on inside the human machine. It is a four-year degree course with an internship of 6 months. Many well-known universities are there which offer this course to students and help them achieve their dream job. This course has recently developed so many jobs in the medical field.

“Ayurveda” is the name which is widely popular in all over India and even outside India. It is the treatment of the patient without using any chemicals. It is based purely on the treatment with herbs and natural things grown on this planet. Ayurvedic medicines are purely side effects free and they help our body increase its own immunity to fight even the most dangerous diseases. It is a science which was developed thousands of years ago and is still one of the most popular treatment methods. Ayurveda is a science which is purely authentic and its roots are so strong that you can’t challenge the credibility. Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery is a course which is creating a large number of government jobs and is one of the safest ways to cure the patients. The Indian government is stressing a lot on improving the current status of Ayurveda by providing knowledge through degree colleges. India has recently got a large number of Ayurvedic colleges which are meant to impart knowledge to its students. Ayurveda is also an interesting subject as you get to study about a lot of plants and herbs.This is one of the courses which you can opt without bothering about the future as there will be a lot of opportunities waiting for you once you get into it.

Medicines are essential in everyday life and no can deny the importance of medicines when it comes to even a small headache. Medicines are the most important component of curing any disease. Since ages humans have been using chemicals to treat a disease. Chemicals are responsible for the production of most of the medicines in the world. For the making of medicines you need to have immense knowledge of chemicals and their effects on human body. Our scientists and doctors every day create new medicine so that each and every aspect of even a mild medical condition can be covered. Pharmacy is a study of medicines and their effects on human body. Pharmacy is also a four-year course and it is also very much important if you are looking to open your own medical shop or if you are looking to fight a competition for a job in government medical centers. It is also a stream which opens a lot of new gates for you to excel in it. There are a lot of big named universities which are giving students the essential knowledge and also helping them get jobs in private hospital and big pharmaceutical companies. This is a field which serves all other medical studies and if you study this root then it’s sure that you are going to serve the humans.

All hospitals being it allopathy, homeopathy or ayurvedic are incomplete without nurses. A nurse is a person who is the person responsible for taking care of a patient. They have all the knowledge of helping the doctors during major surgery and they are also responsible for taking care of the patients by giving them medicines at proper times. A nurse is actually a person who monitors everything of a patient, from blood pressure to pulse rates.Nursing is the course which will help a student grow and it is no less than serving humanity. Nursing is popular courses in all over the world and due to this every year a large number of students take part in it. Almost all the hospitals need nurses due to which a large number of jobs are created every year.The Indian government is very much concerned about the nursing course and that’s why it is giving scholarships to students who have the required talent and to those who have a will to work hard.Banks provide loans easily to students for the nursing course.It is a three-year course with a training period of six months and you also get stipend once you join a hospital go training.